About Ver

Born on 15th February 1990 and raised in Bedfordshire, Ver was bullied severely while at school. Due to this she was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder as well as anxiety in 2015. For the next 5 years she struggled with the ups and downs.

Her main peeve with the diagnosis was the large amount of negativity shown towards those who have this condition, particularly on forums and other social sites.

Because of this, she started to formulate the idea of Bordering Bears, as well as the concept of the Borderling, to show real-world documentation of living with this diagnosis.

Being a mother to Feena, born 11th October 2011 and girlfriend to Ash, anniversary 26th October 2018, this also enabled her to think of ideas on how she could also document these aspects of life, and how to maintain her mental health while also having these roles.

Bordering Bears is not meant as a form of medical advice, simply to educate readers on what life is like, as well as to document any suggested subjects.  Any tips given are based on personal experience. Please remember that any information given here should not be treated as medically sound, but shows how one person may react or feel in a situation. If you have an emergency or feel you are in crisis, please contact a healthcare professional.

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