Homeschooling and changes

You may remember I had a very strict schedule for Feena to complete set work for school, and she has.

So what changes are we bringing in now that work is complete?

I had initially written about ideas for an alternate timetable for her, but we have pretty much scrapped that idea.

Most of her upcoming work is now vocational. We did like the life skills element, so are working on that.




Grow your own



All skills that she will be able to take into adulthood with her to enable her to become strong and independent.

Likewise, it means we get more quality time. I won’t lie, trying to teach when I’m not a teacher has been bloody hard! We have been arguing, as people do when confined together for an extended period of time, and it’s been tough on my mental health.

So we have said sod it to the stricture of lessons, and looked at things that are fundamental to life.

Currently, she’s washing some dishes. Why? Because it’s a simple task adults know how to do, but is it one that children are taught?

There comes an age when a child is expected to help out, but we have done it from very young. To Feena, helping out is just part of family. Everyone does their share of the load, meaning fun things come sooner.

She’s doing fantastically. As a parent this eases a lot of worries. Sure, she’s 8 now, but that’s gone quickly. By instilling these life skills they give me the faith and confidence that she will be fine as she grows up.

And she will be.


Ups and downs of being a Borderling, someone who struggles with Borderline Personality Disorder, along with anxiety, and pretends to fit into day to day life with a child and partner.

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