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One Year On

It’s been nearly a year since I created this website. Time seems to have flown by so quickly.

For many months now, Bordering Bears has laid dormant, mostly because I cannot think of content.

Bluntly, my mental health is in a very good place. When I created BB, the intention was to use my struggles to help others. It’s a bit hard to use those struggles when I’m not really struggling.

In addition to this, my hosting will run out in a few weeks, so I may need to revert back to a standard WordPress site format. That sucks, but it means I get to keep my hard-earned cash, and I can still write.

Instead, I considered perhaps tracking my writing itself. As I mentioned previously, my freelance writing gigs have really kicked off. While I am not rolling in money, as many social media ads seem to claim you can be, I am certainly proud of my accomplishments.

So, Bordering Bears enters a new era, showing how mental health problems can be overcome. They take work, time, and a damn lot of dedication.

I can also show you my methods of moving forward from the past. After all, it is a lot of my history that was stopping me from enjoying the present and looking to the future.

I am, by no means, perfect. There is still work to be done. I do still have days where anxiety tries to rip me to pieces, or where the urge to hurt starts to build up, but nowhere near as badly as before.

At the present moment, even with lockdown going on, I am still relapse free, something which I thought would never occur.

Here’s to a new era, where we can explore this new mindset together. Who knows, perhaps finally this Borderling will unlock her true potential.


Ups and downs of being a Borderling, someone who struggles with Borderline Personality Disorder, along with anxiety, and pretends to fit into day to day life with a child and partner.

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