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Using television for education – Feena’s thoughts

In the second blog post where we discuss Feena’s opinion on different aspects of life, I’ve given her another series of questions, this time pertaining to the lockdown and her experiences of learning at home, and have typed up her exact responses.

Why do you think the UK is under lockdown?

I think it’s on lockdown because of Coronavirus and they’re trying to keep us safe.

What have you liked about being at home?

I like it because we get to spend time together and we can play board games.

What have you not liked about being at home?

I can’t see my Dad or my friends, my BFFs. I don’t get to see my teachers and go to school and learn.

What have you liked about learning from home?

The reason why I like learning from home is because it’s fun. It’s fun school work. And… I get to be happy. I feel proud of myself and my parents because they’re doing well too.

As part of her learning, Feena built a tower taller than herself.

What have you not liked about learning from home?

I’ve not liked the hard learning because it takes me a while. That’s all I can think of at the moment.

What have you been learning at home?

I’ve been learning maths, English, writing. I’ve been using rulers, pencils, my laptop. I’ve been getting better at maths, and been gardening and cooking.

Can you explain to readers how you have been using television to learn?

We go on Netflix and put on Chinese programmes. We watch The King’s Avatar, Love O2O or Meteor Garden.
It helps me with reading. I don’t know what they’re saying. Sometimes I can’t read it because it’s too fast, but when it’s slow I can read it.

Feena and I chose to start using television and subtitles as part of her learning to try and make things more interesting for her.
I am not a teacher, nor do I claim to be. I also need to do my own work.
We chose programmes that aren’t too familiar to her because otherwise she may already know the story-line. Likewise, we didn’t use subtitles on English programmes as then there is no incentive for her to read.
She has some experience with all three programmes and knows that Ash and I have completed them.
Due to this, we can also guarantee their suitability for her.

I would advise others that, if reading is a problem, to try to use other sources that your child may engage with more.

Do you enjoy using television to improve your reading?


What did you watch today?

Love O2O

What happened in the episodes you watched?

They were in a video game and WeiWei and the nice guy were getting married and people were bullying WeiWei because they think that she’s just seeing rich guys in the game and in real life.

A scene from Love O2O, which Feena enjoys. Image taken from Soompi HERE

Feena is 8, so I don’t expect her to be able to relay the entire content to me, however the amount she has here, when it was hours ago, shows that she is engaging with the content and trying hard. For that reason alone, I would deem that she is successfully improving her reading.

And, bluntly, I’m not going to complain as this, and The King’s Avatar, both star Yang Yang (in white in the image above), who I like as an (attractive) actor.

Whatever happens I can tell you now how proud I am of how she has tried to adapt to the current way of life and how much she is striving to still learn.

Also… 11/11 on her spellings.

Well done Feena and thank you for another insight into your thoughts.


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