5 Dishes To Make With Under 10s

Author Note: This article is part of a collection from the previously lost Bordering Bears website, and has thus been re-uploaded and archived.

Baking and cooking with your kids can be really fun, but it can be difficult to know what to make with younger children.

You need to take into account the recipe itself, difficulty, safety, and also whether it’s something your child will enjoy.

Here are our top 5 foods, with links to the recipes we use, that Feena and I love to make together.

Jam Tarts

A perfect summer treat. Feena and I haven’t made these in a couple of years now. They are delicious. You need to get the ratio of pastry to jam correct otherwise they can be too sickly, or too bland. They can be great for picnics or a lunchtime snack.
You could also make a larger one as an after-dinner pudding.

We use THIS recipe for the most perfect jam tarts.


I love noodles. They are most definitely my weakness. So, naturally, Feena has helped me make ramen before. We sometimes use THIS recipe, but more often than not I don’t use one at all, and we just chuck a bunch of veggies in a miso soup with noodles.
Feena quite likes it with sea bass and seafood sticks.
Either way, it’s pretty easy to make.

Fairy Cakes

We also love cake. Little fairy cakes are brilliant to make with children. Feena loves helping weigh, mix and put the batter into little cake cases. Naturally, we both love licking the bowl afterwards. Cake batter is so yummy!
We use a recipe similar to THIS one, but it can be adapted depending on what we fancy… and what we have in the cupboard.

Devilled Eggs

This is one we discovered more recently, and is suitable for children about Feena’s age or older.
This can also be used as a life lesson to teach your child how long she should boil an egg for depending on whether you want a soft or hard yolk.
Feena learned that as part of her home schooling, then we experimented with what we could do with the cooked eggs.
Any recipe like THIS will work, and they taste so delicious!

Chocolate Chip Shortbread

If you can’t tell, we really love snacks. Feena and I have made chocolate chip shortbread together before, and it was gorgeous. We love the chocolate mixed with these brilliantly buttery biscuits.
They are also pretty simple to make.
We would recommend using chocolate chips as opposed to a chocolate bar. Cutting it is a nightmare!
THIS recipe comes out great.

No matter what you choose to make, it can be a great experience cooking alongside your child. Expect mess, but also lots of laughter and a nice treat at the end.

What will you make next?

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