5 Ways You Can Work from Home

Author Note: This article is part of a collection from the previously lost Bordering Bears website, and has thus been re-uploaded and archived.

As the lockdown starts to reside, a lot of offices will be asking their employees to return to some semblance of normality. For me, it isn’t an issue. I chose to become self-employed.

For some, this will be a great relief. Some people do not like working in their home environment, struggle to motivate or concentrate, or simply hate the quiet that can come with working alone.

For others, this will be some pretty disappointing news. Individuals may have relished in the opportunity to sit in their loungewear (or just pants!) for the working day, to not have to commute, and to spend more time somewhere they’d rather be.

I figured that other people might want this freedom too, so here’s my top 5 ways that you can also work from home.


How could I not start this information with what I do? Writing comes in different forms though. I whip up articles and blog posts for people. Others might write courses, programs, mobile apps, technical documents, medical text… the list truly does go on.
Generally, as long as you have some form of literary or coding skills, this would be a possibility.


You could also find work as a freelance or home-based accountant, providing you have the right qualifications and know-how. Companies and businesses will always need someone to balance the books. Why can’t that someone be you?


This can involve students abroad, or those who want extra help with mastering a problem. This could also be particularly lucrative in the run-up to exam season. You don’t always need an official teaching qualification either.

Start Your Own Business

I see so many people crafting items or wares on social media. This could be turned into a career. If you have a talent for creative design, why not flaunt it? Creating and selling items as part of your business can be brilliant. The only limit really lies in your imagination and skill set.


Move over personal assistants, the days of the Virtual Assistant are here. If you have great admin and secretarial skills, you can use these to assist managers and CEOs from the comfort of your home.

By looking at your previous experience, education, and general knowledge, you might be able to find yourself an opportunity to never return to a dingy office again. I certainly prefer my current livelihood, and get a little kick out of telling people I am a self-employed writer.

Find your dream and go for it. You spend so much of your adult life in employment that, surely, it needs to be something you are content to dedicate your life to. Whether you choose to work remotely, or become self-employed, is entirely up to you.

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