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Happy 1st Birthday

Author Note: This article is part of a collection from the previously lost Bordering Bears website, and has thus been re-uploaded and archived.

I missed it by 3 days, but Tuesday marked a whole year since I first created my website Bordering Bears. We have had our ups and downs, periods of inactivity, and then fast-paced times with lots of work.

Why I Created My Website

Bordering Bears started out as my silly little idea for a blog, and has grown into a self-employed venture, and means of happiness. My hope for this was that it could be used to help someone. While it would be nice to think that others have been helped, one thing does spring to mind. The person that Bordering Bears has helped is me!

A year ago, I lacked motivation and drive, flitting between jobs, not really happy. Now, however, I am a much more confident person, both in my work and in myself.

While I could spend the next few hundred words patting myself on the back, I’d rather use this post as a platform to encourage the wellbeing of others.

Importance of Health

Why did I miss the 1 year anniversary of my brainchild?

Because, dear friends, I was having my cervical smear.

When I was about 3 years old, my maternal grandmother died of cervical cancer. According to Mum (I hope I have this right), she never really went for a smear because she didn’t like it.

Feena and I have spoken briefly about the smear. I told her I wasn’t looking forward to it, but it was essential.

15 minutes of awkward questions and discomfort, followed by a bit of a twinge for a few hours…. versus cancer.

You would hope that, in 2021, the answer would be obvious. Yet, sadly, many women still do not get their regular three-yearly smears.

I made a few jokes with the nurse, got it over with, and am now waiting for my results.

Having or not having a smear does not effect your likelihood of getting cervical cancer, however it can help you get a quicker diagnosis. When left, it could destroy you. Why take the risk?

You don’t need to be shaved within an inch of your life, all fancy, or even bloody vajazzled down there to go for a smear.

If this post makes just one person think “Oh, crap, when was my last smear? I’d best check.” then I will consider it a success.


For more information on the smear itself, visit this link.

Or, if you want some info on cervical cancer, you want to go HERE.

So, I guess the takeaway from this post is happy 1st Birthday Bordering Bears, don’t put off medical appointments, and get your bits swabbed for a potentially life-saving check.

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