Hello to an Old Friend – New Project

Between 1994 and 2017, I lived in a large house in Biggleswade. One of my favourite things about this house was that, in the cellar, was a gorgeous slate-based pool table. During the time we lived there, I played many a game with Dad, or with friends who came over. Out of all of my gripes about leaving that house, my father’s decision to not take the pool table annoyed me most. Granted, he probably wanted it, but the new house didn’t have as much space.

Fast forward many years, to about 2017, and Mum told me there was some mail for Dad (WHY?! We hadn’t lived there in 10 years and he had been deceased for 3!!) that needed collecting. For the first time in a decade, I got to set foot in my childhood home. While there, the current owners told me that they didn’t want the slate-based pool table. I cried when I saw it, as in fell to my knees sobbing. That day, I took the pool balls and scoring board home with me.

The table wasn’t how I remembered it. It didn’t have legs, due to water damage. I wanted it, but couldn’t think how, and so again time trickled by. I ended up moving to Hampshire and Mum also sold up and did the same.

That brings us to now. A few weeks ago, Ash and I were having a couple of drinks and discussing life. He told me that if I genuinely want it, I should go for it. After all, like the homeowner said, that table is my birth right.

His words stuck. By the next evening I’d confirmed that, yes, they still have it, and yes, I’m still welcome to it.

A few days later, I had a quote from a removal company, and a date set.

On April 21st, I dropped Feena off at school and headed to Mum’s house. We had cleared the garage, for my beloved slate-based pool table.

When it arrived, it was clear that we really would have our work cut out for us. Not only was it missing legs, but there was also water damage, scratches, scuffing, cuts, and no pockets. Thankfully, the slate was fine. Part of me was a little concerned at the work ahead, but mostly I just had one thought: You’re home, and I’m never letting you go again.

Mum had to deal with an array of emotions, from happiness, to tears. There was even a moment of annoyance and anger that Dad had let it go in the first place, but that didn’t matter anymore.

Ash, while at work, was advising me on how best to prep the table. Let’s be honest, it won’t be me doing a lot of the work. His engineer’s mind was already working at top speed, considering the best ways to rectify issues and get it usable again. A quick scrub down with an old brush helped to restore some cleanliness, as well as to highlight areas of damage.

Although playability is a long way off, we could then see what we needed to do. Ash has since had a look in person, and come up with some wonderful solutions that we will be slowly putting into place.

I hope to continue being able to update you on how the restoration is going. This is our new project, and we are extremely excited to see it completed.

There is a takeaway from this. If you truly want something, and it has that sentimental value, you should do all you can to achieve your goals, otherwise time or circumstance may take those opportunities from you.

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