I Stopped Smoking and Started Bloating!

Author Note: This article is part of a collection from the previously lost Bordering Bears website, and has thus been re-uploaded and archived.

Apologies for the title. Bluntly, I think I’m hilarious. Mostly I’m just told (by Feena) that I am not.

As you will know from the ongoing posts, the smoking cessation is going well. So well, in fact, that I’ve cut the dosage of my medication and am still fine.

What isn’t going well is my waistline. Yes, many of you will probably shout “STOP EATING SO MANY CREME EGGS” here. (Ash and I ate 96 between us in a week. I don’t wanna say I’m proud…. but I have no shame either). Unfortunately due to my awful snacking habits and the meds, I have ballooned out.

No joke, no exaggerating. My clothes do. not. fit. If I go to the beach (can’t, lockdown) I fear Greenpeace might try to save me and roll me back into the sea.


Okay, some of that might have been in jest… I do have a couple of clothes that still fit.

It is affecting my mind quite a bit though. I feel disgusting, unhealthy, unattractive. I ask Ash a lot if he still finds me attractive (thankfully he does, but then I wonder if he’s lying or blind… or both?).

This weight gain is making me a little anxious and hitting my self esteem hard. I go out to the supermarket when I need to but worry people will be whispering or thinking badly of me.

I want to go out and exercise but put it off because I fear thoughts or comments of a fat girl power walking or running.

So I’m changing my diet.


My goal is, and has always been, to reach between 60 and 63 KG. At my worst, I was 95KG. This may or may not have been 2 weeks ago.

For my gender (female), height (173cm) and age (30), my goal isn’t unreasonable or bordering on unhealthy.


To put things into perspective, I’ll use the NHS BMI calculator. I know there’s arguments into how accurate or trustworthy it is, but this is more to show a rough guide to health and weight.


95KG gives a BMI of 31.7 which is classed as obese.


63KG gives a BMI of 21 which is classed as healthy.


60KG gives a BMI of 20 which is classed as healthy.


For reference, I was at roughly 79KG, with a BMI of 26.3 which is classed as overweight, before I started the Champix 6 weeks ago, with 19KG to lose.

At it’s worst, the Champix and overeating caused me to gain 16KG, meaning I had between 32 to 35KG to lose.

Currently, today, I am at 90.4KG, which they give a BMI rating of 30.2 and is still classed as obese, but now have between 27.4 and 30.4KG to lose to reach my weight goal.


Yes, I’m losing weight. Slowly right now. But I want to shift things into overdrive.


From my Instagram posts (Shameless plug: http://https://www.instagram.com/borderingbears/ or click the icon at the top of the page) you may have noticed a few foodie posts.


I’m currently on Day 3 of attempting the Keto Diet.


This means minimal carbs (from my research I’ve found 5-10% is deemed acceptable), moderate protein (20-25%) and high fats (70-80%) to allow the body to take it’s energy from fat in a process known as Ketosis.


Honestly, I don’t really understand the mechanics of it despite the fact that Ash has explained it to me no less than 7 times. All I know is it can be really good.


I might also be doing it wrong, in which case I’m doing the Atkins diet. Either way, at least I am making healthy changes to my diet. I get points for that right?


I haven’t quite got the percentages right yet. I started Monday, but after Feena had already brought me some brekkie, so I was on 49% fat, 37% protein, 14% carbs. Not quite the above numbers.


Tuesday was better at 60% fat, 32% protein and 7% carbs.


Today looks to be the best, with 70% fat, 22% protein and 8% carbs.


It isn’t perfect but, considering the Coronavirus lockdown and limited supplies of both products and money, I think it’s okay.


I have also, at age 30, finally discovered a love of avocado. Hated it as a kid. Hated it when the hipsters worshipped it. Now, when it’s all quiet on the avocado front, I love the stuff.


I’m also using the Lose It! app to track my calories and macro percentages.


Here’s an idea of what I’ll eat in a day with a calorie budget of 1605.



l 1 cup of black coffee (1) with 2 tbsp of double cream (131)
l    1 Bassett’s chewable vitamin for adults (5)
l  1/2 an avocado (150)
l 90g smoked salmon trimmings (178)
Total: 465



l 1 cup of black coffee (1) with 2 tbsp of double cream (131)
l 50g prawns (31)
l 1 tin of sardines (162)
l 45g Cottage cheese (27)
l 1/2 an avocado (150)
Total: 502



l 70g Chicken breast (97)
l 150g Spinach (39)
l 200g Cauliflower (68)
l 10g Norpak butter (71)
l 1/2 an avocado (150)
Total: 432



l 1 bottle of Radnor energy drink (5)
l 20g Strawberries (9)
l 40g Raspberries (12)
l 30g Blueberries (28)
l 100g Skyr Natural Yoghurt (63)
l 1 cup of black coffee (1) with 1tbsp of double cream (66)
l 15g Black olives (20)
Total: 205
(Note: I love to mix my fruit IN with the yoghurt as it can be very bitter on it’s own, and the fruit gives it some natural sweetness that is already accounted for in my daily amounts.)


This plan gives a grand total of 1604 calories, leaving me under my daily amount by a measly 1 calorie.


Obviously I can drink all the water I like as well, meaning I’ll stay hydrated with healthy fluids. Also, I am not counting any spices etc such as garlic, salt, pepper. Probably should, but I’m not. Just saying.



Right now I feel pretty good. I do get hungry, but I think that’s mostly because my body is used to my love of pastas, breads and unhealthy late night snacking.


If I gave you an example of my PREVIOUS diet it would be something like this:




l Chewable vitamin (5)
l 2 cups of coffee with semi-skimmed milk and 2 sugars (130)
l 4 Weetabix (272) with 100ml of semi-skimmed milk (47) and 3 tsp sugar (15)
Total: 469




l 100g Penne pasta (366)
l 50g grated cheddar (202)
l 100ml Heinz salad cream (82)
l 1 can of Pepsi Max (3)
l 1 pack of Aldi Ready Salted crisps (134)
l 1 pack of Aldi Worcestershire Sauce crisps (130)
l 1 pack of Aldi Prawn Cocktail crisps (130)
Total: 1048


l 150g Aldi Southern Fried Chicken (417)
l 2 Aldi Hash Browns (300)
l 50g frozen peas (40)
l 10g Hellman’s Mayonnaise (68)
l 2 shots of Malibu (102) with a can of Pepsi Max (3)
Total: 931


l 4 shots of Malibu (204) with 2 cans of Pepsi Max (6)
l 2 servings of Cheese Puffs (250)
l 1 pack of Onion Ring crisps (96)
l 100g of Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramel (496)
Total: 1052

This gives a whopping daily amount of 3500 calories. Yep. Three thousand five hundred.
The macro percentages here were 45% fat (mostly bad fats), 45% carbs and 10% protein. So a seriously bad diet and overindulging.

Causes? Well, I have always loved snacks. Comfort eating for low moods eventually gave way to it becoming routine.
Also, the Champix. I mentioned in prior posts about the nausea being a real issue in the morning unless I had a lot of food.
The only problem is that the overeating gave way to more overeating throughout the day, which led to the 16KG weight gain in 6 weeks.

By removing the morning Champix I am able to alter my diet to my current one, which should be healthier.
I’ll update on the Keto/Atkins Diet next week to see if my weight has changed.

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