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Off the Wagon We Go!

Author Note: This article is part of a collection from the previously lost Bordering Bears website, and has thus been re-uploaded and archived.

I made such a lovely post on Friday about how I was strong and motivated and brilliant. Staying motivated can be difficult.

I stood firm Saturday morning, albeit unhappily.

I wanted toast and I wanted pasta! And we STILL had some of my Mum’s homemade Christmas Cake in the cupboard (alcohol infused, so still fresh).

Ash and I had a very long talk about Keto versus plain old calorie counting, and how that would mean I could eat whatever the hell I want while keeping within my set limits.

As I mentioned, before I would have seen myself as a failure. Thankfully, Ash talked me down from the self-loathing ledge and we realised the following.

I have still (as of today) been 21 days without smoking.

This doesn’t make me a  failure, because I’m not reverting back to my old ways.

At least I can say I TRIED Keto, which is more than I could before.

I am still using some of the foods and recipes to make healthier choices.

Toast with butter is the best s**t on Earth!


He warned me I may regain any water weight I had previously lost. I’m just avoiding the scales for a little while, and watching how much I eat.

Mentally, I do feel better. Saturday evening we had noodles, and bloody hell did they taste good! Perhaps staying motivated wasn’t the problem.

Dieting, I’ve found, isn’t a strict and solid process, especially when you need to ensure your mental health is kept in check.

I have also found that some diets are difficult to maintain.

In this Keto trial alone I spent probably £60 ensuring I had ingredients and such that would be suitable.

For those on low or limited incomes, it simply isn’t sustainable.

Yes, perhaps I could have shopped smarter and gone to several different stores or looked at buying online, however in the current climate that simply isn’t feasible.

What would my advice be for others?

  • Look at your budget as well as your goals.
  • Allow your diet to adapt.
  • Cook your own meals.
  • Make healthier choices, but still allot calories for treats.
  • Don’t try to be too strict or you’ll end up miserable.
  • Avoid degrading comments about the self.
  • Plan your meals the day before.

I’m still using the Lose It! app. I’m still watching my calories. I’ll still use some of the great recipes we found.

But I’ll enjoy it.

Ash was right Saturday when he said “You have one life, might as well enjoy it”. No point spending weeks, months, or even years on some diet you hate feeling unhappy and wishing for something. Instead, incorporate it, and start living WHILE you diet.

Live healthily, but also happily.

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