What Happened?

Some of you who have been long-time viewers of Bordering Bears might have noticed that many of the previous articles have vanished, or even that the site was down for the best part of a month. Sadly, the onus is on me. I forgot to look into affordable WordPress hosting before my previous subscription ran out. Alongside this, I hadn’t backed up my data!

When I discussed this with my provider, I was told it would cost £150 to have my site restored. There was no way I was paying that.

Thankfully, there was an alternative solution. The team at Wayback Machine Downloader do a great recovery service of as much that can be found as possible. Yes, it was in HTML format, meaning I had to physically re-upload all of my posts, and some content might have been missing or unrecoverable, but it certainly beat forking out £150. In fact, I ended up paying around 1/10th of my original quote. All that you can see on here that has been archived, I received for a measly $15. If I’d opted for WordPress conversion, it would have been another $60.

That brings us to where we are today. I have a new site. It might look fairly similar to the previous one, however I have made a few subtle changes, namely in colours, the use of a media player, and the category headers.

Next year, I will certainly start my search for affordable WordPress hosting a lot sooner.

Drawing this brief update to a close, I suppose I only really have one thing to say on this matter: always back up your work!

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