Mental Health

Fancy a Coffee?

Today, I’d like to address every single person that reads this. You might know me personally. Alternatively, you may have stumbled across this site looking for information due to being worried about mental health, or any of my other writings.

I do not claim to be an expert on mental health. I’m not. I’m simply someone who has lived experiences. I’ve also managed to overcome a few things.

I wish to offer to each and every one of you is a listening ear. I may not be a trained professional, but I can offer you a lack of judgement and genuine empathy.

This little post today is simply to inform each and every one of you that I am here for you. My social networks are at the top of the page and you can also contact via the comments form.

Obviously, I cannot solve your problems or deal with risk etc. That is best left in the hands of those who are qualified.

What I CAN do, is to listen, be a friend, and allow you to share any burdens you have.

The state of the world right now is incredibly fragile, thanks to lockdowns, financial problems, and a plethora of other, more personal matters.

Please never feel like you need to keep things to yourself. If you are worried about mental health, it is always better to talk.

Bordering Bears was not created for profit or anything like that. It’s cathartic for me to write. Plus, I always believed that if my writing helps just ONE person, then it validates my experiences and makes them all worth it.

If you ever fancy a coffee, let me know, and I’ll pop the kettle on and we can chat. You can also access the HELP page for professional contact details.

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