Author Note: This article is part of a collection from the previously lost Bordering Bears website, and has thus been re-uploaded and archived.

Summer is coming to a close. Adults may be looking forward to a return to higher education, or to shipping their kids off once again. Kids may be dreading a return to school, or looking forward to seeing their friends.

This year has been unlike any other I have seen. We have been distanced, apart from all others in our little bubbles. We have been safe, and compliant.

That does not mean we haven’t had moments of enjoyment.

So many people spent time complaining about the policies and procedures, rather than enjoying these strange, little moments.

Rather than complaining about guidelines and laws, I figured now might be a good time to put together a more positive outlook on 2020 so far.

Bordering Bears

How could I start off something like this without mentioning my little project? This all came about during the Covid lockdown. I wanted a way that I could work for myself, and do it from home. I want to, in future, go to Feena’s harvest shows and nativities. To swan off to the gym or out for coffee, and to still make money.

From a simple website regarding experiences and wanting to help others, stemmed a sole trading business. Now, my client base is growing, as is my income. My writing here serves not only as a form of cathartic release, but also as a portfolio of my writing capability.

I took the time and the support and unfurled my dreams to the world.

It worked, and I am grateful for everyone involved in its creation.

Time with Feena

That brilliant kid has come such a long way. Once, she was bottom set in spellings, not thriving, not really bothered about school.

Now, she adores reading and drinks down knowledge like it’s chocolate milk. She excels at spellings.

I got to see a glimpse of her learning while she’s been home. It hasn’t been easy. We bickered. We got frustrated.

But we got to spend some time together that I will always cherish.

I won’t lie. As the summer draws to a close I find myself feeling sad about her return to school. Gone will be the “Mummy and Bee” days with walks in the woods, and working on our respective tasks together.

A semblance of normality will return and I’m not entirely happy about it.

Time with Ash

For the last few weeks, Feena has been at her father’s. I have had a lovely time getting back to basics with Ash.

On some level, I mean that literally, as we went camping a few weeks ago.

While we have both been busy, there have been some times that I’ve enjoyed focusing on us as a couple.

We spent copious amounts of time on Guild Wars, training our characters, or watching an array of films and shows.

I want to make more time in future to consider the “us” side of things.


Due to the lockdown, there was a lot of time where we couldn’t see family. I believe that 3 months is the longest I’ve ever gone without seeing my Mum. It hurt. It didn’t feel right.

I missed Mother’s Day. Easter. Dad’s Birthday. Dad’s death day. Their anniversary. Father’s day. It was all missed.

We had to.

While we may argue sometimes, that time away brought a lot of clarity. I feel so appreciative of the people around me now. I’d truly be lost without them.

Perhaps this lockdown has given some good, if it helps people start to recognise those in their lives and stop taking it for granted,


I’m also proud of my other achievements in 2020.

I’ve started back at the gym and I’m enjoying it!

I hit two years relapse-free.

As of writing this, I’m now 140 days smokefree.

While this year hasn’t been ideal, that doesn’t mean it’s been utter trash.

For others, whether you struggle mentally or not, it really does help just to sit and find 5 good things about the year so far. Rather than looking at the negatives, look at the good things that have come your way, no matter how small.

You might be surprised by just how far you’ve come too!

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