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Hi all!

Apologies. It’s been over a week since my last post, which is pretty poor on my part. I’d like to say it’s because I’ve been flat-out but, sadly, that wouldn’t be true.

My workload seems to have died. At one point, I had a lot on, from a variety of different clients too. However, this appears to have dried up. Many who are self-employed are feeling the heat right now due to potential clients not having the finances for our services, or simply due to not being allowed to open.

A few weeks ago I found out that my first ever place of employment has ceased trading due to this lockdown. Honestly, that stung a bit. The people there, both past and present, were absolutely lovely. This isn’t the only business that has reached its limit. Across the UK, people are having to stay permanently closed due to rental fees and lack of income.

Business can be rebuilt though. Lives can’t. Feena and I are still striving to stay safe during lockdown. There is, however, several culprits who are making this hard.

  • Youths – When the pubs reopened, people seemed to flock in their masses. I will probably offend some people by this statement, but it’s clear that there is a correlation between low IQ levels and some of the patrons on Saturday. Yes, this may be offensive, but it also sucks when my 8 year old has to witness, at 5pm, two men beating each other in the head in an all-out brawl as we drove past. If you can’t play nice and follow the rules, stay at home with your Sippy cups please children.
  • Older Generation – They’re meant to be the ones in the most danger but, from going out and about in town and supermarkets, they’re also the ones who do not seem to care. The amount of times I have to pull Feena right close to me, as in side to side touching, because a person (usually appearing to be 50+) has just brushed past her or come close is remarkable. Bonus points for the people on mobility scooters who just keep going without thought or care and expect people to move.

Please. Just do as you’re damn well told.

Feena is excited that, all being well, she will get to return to school on 7th September. She hasn’t seen her friends since March. Don’t let your stupidity and recklessness ruin it for her and countless other children.

I feel incredibly anxious about her returning to school, and the rest of the world right now. It’s frightening how many people have been affected by this. It isn’t a laughing matter.

Follow the rules and stay safe and healthy.

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