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We have looked into motivation before. Motivation to get up and do things.

What about when working?

I have no issues with working, or doing a job. What I do have issue with is how people are treated in society.

I’m going to give you my opinions of this, from the perspective of a Borderling. I will split this into two different sections: Employment, and Benefits

Dealing with either of these can be very triggering and emotionally hampering, even if you don’t have a pre-existing condition.


Work is good. Having a job can bring about a sense of fulfilment in life. Since I’ve been looking for a hustle I’ve noticed one feeling coming back repeatedly. No, it isn’t just annoyance at pointless, time-consuming application forms, where all the info could easily be garnered from a standard CV.

It’s the wages.

Competitive wages should be that. Competitive. Minimum wage is NOT competitive. Competitive would be something singing to the tune of You’ll be able to afford to live on one income.

Minimum Wage is an utter joke. You cannot live on it. Once upon a time you could buy a house, raise a family, and live well on one wage. Now, even two wages is a struggle. Minimum wage is a company’s way of saying “I’m only paying this amount because I legally have to. If I could get away with it, I’d take the p**s even more.”

I want to work and be productive, but at the same time I do feel like a lot of roles take advantage of people who are desperate to make ends meet. Then people are made to feel like they should be grateful for an interview or a role. Excuse me, but surely it should be the other way round? Companies should be grateful that people want to work for them and make them rich, while only receiving shoddy wages in return.

The Benefit System

I’m going to have fun with this.

The benefit system doesn’t help the people as much as it used to. Now, it seems to be more about penalising those with disabilities. ESA – Gone. Disability Component – Gone.

For PIP you have to endure medical assessments, normally led by someone who isn’t even trained in your problem. For example, I have mental health issues. One woman I saw was a physiotherapist, I believe. How? Just how!? They also feel incredibly demeaning. I get that some people will try to play the system, but that doesn’t mean you should treat everyone as undeserving.

You have to know how it works inside out too. On previous systems, if the DWP made a mistake, they would generally own it. On the new system, regardless of who makes the mistake, it will fall on your shoulders. They messed up with me over numerous months, and I ended up subsequently £6000 in debt and suffering a breakdown. I don’t get how they can not notice a mistake for months on end but then put it solely on the claimant. Let’s not even begin to mention the errors in the system where they try to claim back money they never paid out in the first place!

Talking of which. Check out this article. Call handlers are supposedly being trained to deal with suicide and self-harm regarding benefits. Wow. Just wow. Surely it says something about the system if it is causing those kind of thoughts in people?

Suicide and death caused by this system is apparently a real thing.

People can’t be grateful for the pittance they do get when they are having to choose between bills and food, for example.

But, hey, the government probably doesn’t have the money to support those with disabilities properly. It must be so difficult for them with their 3.1% pay rise in 2020 to around £82000.

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